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Beth is devoted to her sport, and the quality and impressiveness of her catches are a testament to her drive and knowledge.

George Poveromo

I am employed by the city of Va Beach. For thirteen years I have worked part time at the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp. I have watched Beth and her husband and family school themselves very successfully. Learning the Saltwater fishery in our part of the Mid Atlantic has been their passion for over ten years. Their generosity in sharing their catch is unparalleled!  They spoil us here at the ramp by bringing us various filets of their catch. We are lucky to have them as patrons of the ramp and stewards of our fine fisheries! 

Thank You Beth!

Jud Foster

A couple years ago, when I was trying to learn how to fish for Speckled Trout  in the Elizabeth River, I asked questions on a local fish forum without any luck until Beth reached out to help me. She wrote me a very detailed message of the ins and outs of fishing the river. She even arranged for me ( a perfect stranger) to fish the river with her and her husband Kevin. I have been a fan ever since and happy to refer to her as a friend.

Patrick Heinz

Beth Synowiec exemplifies all that is great with sportfishing. Having spent countless hours fishing the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, Beth has put in the time and effort to be considered one of the top anglers in her sport. Recently, she was one of the premier speakers at the George Poveromo Sport fishing show series ( Saltwater Sportsman Seminar Series ) and truly showed not only her extensive knowledge of the local fishery, but her ability to clearly provide tips for rigging, location, and technique was remarkable. She is truly as asset to the world of sport fishing!

Wayne Bradby

Having gone on many fishing trips with Beth, the one thing that always surprises me is her joy of fishing. When preparing for the fishing trip she always has a strong attention to detail in preparing the rigs and bait. Once the lines are set and fishing , Beth’s smile and laughter is always there whether it turns out to be a good day or a slow day.  Surprisingly, at the end of the day , the biggest thing she brings in her tackle box isn’t her knowledge of fishing and professionalism which is extensive but her infinite joy of fishing.

Captain Manny Rojo

When I recently heard that this local lady angler Beth Synowiec was planning on being on a national fishing show, I thought to myself, "It's about time she let the entire fishing audience know of her exploits, awards, and speaking engagements, etc. I wanted to get a word or two in print to let everyone know that she does a lot more than bait a hook and register citation catches. I have known Beth for more years than I can remember and I'm here to tell you she has rescued me several times when I needed a speaker for a fishing weekend at Bass Pro Shops.  Although she has paperwork showing her credentials for her citations, there is no doubt in my mind that she could give a talk on most any species in our area.  Several times when I have called her and she already had scheduled a trip for the dates.  It was then that she went right to work and found a speaker for me.  I could go on and on about her fishing exploits, but she is going to need all the room she can gather when she starts her own "gig".  Beth, I wish you all the luck in the world & I'm always available to lend you a hand. 

Don Lancaster

Radio Talk Show Host
Fishing Tidewater Outdoors

Beth and I met vicariously in 2006 as members of Tidalfish message boards.  “ClassicRockfish” and I both share a love for fishing and the abundant natural resources available in the Mid Atlantic and Chesapeake bay. We have been friends ever since our first correspondence. The first fishing trip in the ocean we took together,  Beth was on my boat (the Reelbuster) and put it to the Tunas until the fish box was full. Beth has a passion for fishing only rivaled by her love as a mom to two beautiful girls. She is a good hearted Christian gal whose fun is found in sharing & good times with others.

Dave Taylor

I have had the pleasure of knowing Beth Synowiec and working with her on Virginia's fisheries issues for quite a few years.  She came to the Finfish Management Advisory Committee (FMAC) with a sincere desire to contribute to a sport she has excelled in.  As she delved into the sometimes confusing fisheries management process she did not hesitate to ask questions about the process until she understood what the issues and options were.  Throughout her service, her most impressive trait was her commitment to fair treatment of both the recreational and commercial sectors. 

There are those that do not hesitate to criticize the process, far fewer that attend our meetings to learn and speak up and the rare few who commit the time and effort to really get involved.  Beth is one of those who made that commitment.  We look forward to her return.

Jeff Deem
Finfish Management Advisory Committee Chairman

I met Beth eight years ago on the Elizabeth River.  I had just come off a deployment and was on the river trying to catch some fish. There were a couple boats down there at the time, but I took notice to this particular boat that seemed to always have a fish on.  After spending nearly an hour on the river and not even having as much as a bite, I finally yelled across the water and got her to come over. Even though I was a complete stranger at the time, she took her time to explain to me what fish she was after and how to catch them.  After a thorough explanation, she left me with some lures and we exchanged numbers.  We have kept in touch over the years, and have fished many of times, each with her charm and acumen for catching fish.  I can truly say that Captain Beth is one of the best fishermen I have ever met, and wish her the best of luck throughout the upcoming years.

Alex Levitov

(Aviation machinist mate Senior Chief petty officer)