Beth’s Birthday Fishing Trip & Classic Citation Golden Report.

      On August 6, 2018 Kevin & I finally got a chance to go on my birthday fishing trip (a month and a half later, but better late then never ,ha! ) We have been so busy that words can not even describe the sense of relief that we both felt as our boat, Classic Rockfish left the Rudee Inlet at 7 am yesterday. My usual pattern before a trip is to usually get fresh bait the day before , but that never even happened this time. So Instead, it was more like an empty the freezer pot luck offering ‘kind of day’ .

     We arrived at location at 10:15 am set up and did our first drift. We proceeded over the next 3 hours to do a total of 6 drifts . I yielded a Golden on every drift, including a nice 34.1 lb slob Virginia Citation. Kevin did not yield Golden’s today but he experienced a nice Rosie , some squids , &  an amazing fight with an insane Bonita that hooked on his deep drop line and took him to the bow of the boat. We saw the crazy fish flashing as he got it to the top of the water but at the very last minute the fish unfortunately got off the line.  Kevin attested that it was a crazy fun fight and he was all smiles just for the experience . I would have loved to have gotten a photo or video but I was bringing in a Golden at the same time of his battle.

       After the 6th drift, it was now 1:33 pm and we decided leave the canyon location and head to another shallower area for some Sea Bass, but on the way, we were stopped and boarded by the Coast Guard for a safety inspection. The safety inspection went well and we had everything ready for them but there was quite a delay for them getting to our boat. We are not sure why the long delay but when they arrived it went very well and they were very friendly. We were finally underway again at 3:10 pm , after hearing on the radio that a huge storm was hammering down in the Virginia Beach area , we decided not to go for Sea Bass but to just head back and weigh in the Golden Tile fish. In addition to the photos , I also have an unedited video of me pulling in one of my Golden’s from yesterday that I will soon share. :) Tight Lines Everyone! 


Beth Synowiec with 34 lb 1 oz citation Golden Tilefish August 6, 2018  


Classic Rockfish Golden Tile Meat run , August 6 2018. Beth hooked up a Golden on every drift today.