Things that Go zzzzzz 💫 in the Night 🐟 May 25 2018 late evening /early am Drum Report


    We headed to Fisherman’s Island area, late last night & On the menu for this evening we were offering a  nice array of baits including , clam , female blue crab, and peelers. After attempting various combinations with these baits, the  winner hands down was female blue crab “with the lids off “ 🙂 This bait choice produced some real nice Drum action while the current was kicking with multiple red drum hook ups including my release citation ( see photo). All redfish were caught and were released without harm . The fish mouth grip In my opinion really saved the night making it so much easier to hold the fish in the water for the necessary resuscitation and release that these beautiful fish truly need and deserve after under going these exciting battles. I was so glad, to have it with me. We headed back to the dock around 4 am almost out of crab and in need of a shower and some shut eye.

    I hope you all get a chance to get out there this weekend for some enjoyable fishing time , family gatherings,  picnics, or however you chose to spend your weekend. I only ask that you please take a moment or two to pay respects to those brave men and women who died while serving & defending our wonderful country. Their sacrifices should never go unnoticed , as without them,  we would never have the freedom we so much love and enjoy. So, I would like to extend a very special and heartfelt thank you to those men and women and their families. Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone & Tight Lines :)


Beth Synowiec holding a nice Big Red Drum citation.