Classic Father’s Day Tilefish Report

On June 16 , 2018 we took a Classic Father’s Day Trip to the Norfolk Canyon for some tilefish . Fantastic day , plenty of action and we even checked off something on Kevin’s bucket list. Kevin’s first golden tilefish citation. :) We did 5 drops for Golden’s yielding 6 Golden’s including a double hook up in which Kevin even managed to get the “tail end “ of my fight on a video .

This trip yielded 2 citations and plenty of meat for the box. Oh and the best bonus of all came in the form of my bait bill . I had been out of town all week so when he said let’s go , I literally emptied out the contents of my freezer put them in a cooler and we took off . All these Fish hit on previously frozen bait, that had been sitting in my freezer pretty much all winter long. I literally exchanged my freezer contents that I contemplated throwing out true story to quality fresh seafood groceries. So no complaints here , at all.

To all the dads out there , Happy Father’s Day !! & Tight Lines Everyone! 


Beth and a nice golden tile 


Kevin holding his first golden tilefish citation 37 lbs 4 oz 


his and hers :) 


the days catch including 2 citations a blue line citation 10 lb 3 oz and a golden citation 37 lb 4 oz, all caught with bait that was just sitting in the freezer over the winter :)