For Goodness Hakes!

Jan 27, 2018 Kevin and I arrived at the Norfolk Canyon at 9 am. Our first drop of the day yielded 4 fish, a large Golden tilefish & a nice sized hake on my line and 2 nice hakes for Kevin. We continued to produce fish with every drop and many drops produced 2 fish at a time. I must say cranking those fish in at 900 plus feet, now that’s some serious muscle burn! We caught a total of 12 of nice sized hakes and one that was jumbo sized. Some highlights of the trip included me boating two nice sized golden tilefish and a large Black belly rose fish, while Kevin masterfully produced some amazing catches including the jumbo hake and a beautiful alfonsino fish that weighed 8lbs 2oz. (see photo of bright orange fish).

Interesting fact: The current world record Alfonsino fish weighs 8 Lb 5oz and was also caught at the Norfolk Canyon. 

We headed backed early (before 1PM) to ensure we could get back safely before the predicted wind increase/ inclement weather predictions occurred. What a fantastic day on the water! 

Oh and there is more because the “Classic” fun did not stop there! Upon our return , we learned that Kevin’s jumbo sized hake was a potential IGFA world record. We followed up with a trip to VIMS to have the species identified and tested. Dr. Eric Hilton (an ichthyologist at VIMS ) carefully and  thoroughly evaluated the fish along with two other biologists. All were in agreement that the fish was a Urophycis Regia (a Spotted Hake). According to Dr. Hilton, the fish definitely was not a white hake or a red hake, but a spotted hake. One of the biologists helping Dr. Hilton while assessing the fish , stated she had only seen the spotted hake in the foot to foot and a half range prior to this. This spotted hake fish weighed 12 lbs 15 ounces &  Kevin’s spotted codling ( spotted hake ) has been officially Approved by IGFA for an All tackle record! Congrats Kevin !! 

Beth with a nice Golden Tile Fish

Beth with a nice Golden Tile Fish


Kevin holding a beautiful Alfonsino 8lb 2 oz


Some of the days catch Jan 27 2018  

Classic Rockfish News Update  

Classic Rockfish News Update  

Kevin IGFA.jpg

Kevin holding his IGFA Approved All Tackle World Record Spotted Codling caught on the Classic Rockfish 

Kevin Cert2.jpg