Roll out the Barrel& We’ll have a Barrel of fun!

Nov 19, 2018

I absolutely loved catching this barrel fish, and I must admit that I’m definitely a barrel fish fan for life now! This fish intensely riveted and continued pulling throughout the battle like no man’s business and the only thing I could even  compare it to would be a blend of two fish.  It was the perfect blend of spunk like that from a biggie sized golden tile but with a small splash of cobia tenacity in that mix. Because it provided such an incredible fight ,

I’ve nicknamed it “ Jackhammer “ 💕

Although I was tickled about catching the fish , after just a few brief drops , Kevin and I did not stay long out there because we noticed a small amount of oil coming from the engine  and we did not want to take any chances of getting stuck out there at the Canyon. We did the right thing because we found some white braid line in the engine prop upon our returning home  . Ps Anyone missing any white braid, I use green  ? Lol 😆