"Bad Fishy" A Classic Gal's tale. by Beth Synowiec

October 4, 2018 

Kevin and I decided to start in the Chesapeake Bay Area this morning where we picked up three sheepshead , then we decided to see what other species may be interested in the fiddlers.   And that is when the real fun started . It was early afternoon, we drove towards Cape Henry area . 

We both drop our lines . Kevin says he feels a nibble. I am fishing the opposite side of the boat and I am feeling a nibble too. I then pull my line up and no bait and no fish . Hmmmm ok , I re bait and dropped it again. What happened next I probably will not forget for a very long time.  I put the rod in my left hand and I reach for something with my right hand and my line goes off!  I squeezed the rod with my left hand as hard as I can so I don’t drop it in the water and then I grabbed it with my right hand because this fish just starts giving intense pullage . Kevin looks over to see what going on and I said it’s fighting like crazy! My left wrist was sprained during the fight At this point , this fish has my full attention!  It’s zipping & pulling and I almost wondered if I had a sheepshead. It definitely had some similarities and it was acting that crazy! Kevin and I see this fish starting to surface but it’s a very nice black drum. I was using a carolina rig with a fiddler. My wrist started really hurting as I’m holding the black drum for the photo and I half jokingly say “ you are a bad fishy ! “ I swear that fish understood now looking at the expression on the fish’s face in the photo. 

We kept one and released one more black drum and are out of fiddlers now.  I start using cut bait. I catch a 36 inch red drum then release it. I wanted something bigger. I laugh and look at Kevin and I say , it’s time for Bessie. He said Bessie?  I said yes , Bessie.  

Bessie is a rod and reel that I have had for a very long time . I have no idea how this rod does it but the big reds just won’t stay away from her. I looked at Kevin . I said , Bessie’s going to sniff out a nice red drum .She’s quick too , I said . 😀 He looked at me like I was nuts . I drop the line in the water . I pull up a croaker and then I drop the line again, Kevin said it wasn’t even 90 seconds later and my line takes off , the look on Kevin’s face was Classic ( I know he understands now what I was telling him ) . Oh heck yeah! , what a blast & I suddenly didn’t care about my wrist pain . I absolutely love to catch big red drum.  The fish is zipping and pulling I’m trying to avoid getting braid line in the engine . I finally get the fish to the boat , and the hook falls out of her mouth on to the boat . When I go to pick her up , she thrashes and all I suddenly hear a noise from my left shoulder. Holy cow did it hurt! So bad that  we had to leave and head back to the dock as soon as we released her back into the water. I was just getting started with with the big reds too 😞  . I contacted my doctor on the way in and bless his heart he knew I was hurting so badly and he said come on in. I was so grateful too , I can’t imagine being in that much pain until Monday ( he is off tomorrow) so a shout out to Dr Greg Schierer ! 😀 

Ps I don’t have an entire catch photo because Kevin fillet the fish while I was in the doctor .. Tight Lines Everyone

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