Sea Bass Bacon Bites and Almond Green Beans served with white rice

Sea Bass Bacon Bites
by Katie Synowiec

Cook time: 30 mins


- sea bass
- thick cut bacon
- Cajun seasoning
- Lemon
- tooth picks


Preheat the bacon in the oven for 410°for thicker bacon and 400 for thinner bacon. Cut the bacon strips in half. Cook until light brown/ pink . Once finished set off to cool so you don’t burn yourself from wrapping them on the fish. Blot extra grease off by placing bacon strips on on paper towels and plate ( use food prongs to do this to avoid getting burned*)

For sea bass, have three medium fillets. Cut them into cubes (1-2 inches). Squeeze a fresh half cut lemon on to the Sea bass. Lightly cover the fish both sides with any preference seasoning. (I used Cajun).

Wrap the fish with the bacon strips and then place a tooth pick to hold the fish bites well. When finished, lightly sprinkle the seasoning again over all the bites.

Turn on the grill to medium heat. Place the bites on the fire. Flip them& rotate them 2-3 mins. Take them off the girl until you see them flake/ look charcoal.

Hot & ready to eat! :)

*Almond tasty green beans 

by Kevin Synowiec (these beans truly are the bomb!)

Put your green beans and a steamer and cook them until they are bright green. It’s about 4 to 5 minutes. 

Immediately transfer the beans to a frying pan with sesame oil garlic and almonds. 

Cook and toss until the almonds and olive oil cover the green beans entirely.    Add a pinch of salt.   


Use 2 cups of Jasmine white rice and prepare as per your rice cooker instructions. Add butter to taste.


This meal is quick and delicious!