The Dream

There is something magical that happens when you listen to your inner dreams, and you finally act on them. I had a dream since I was 8 to own a boat. I never understood why that dream was there until my mid 30’s.                 

I was working as a nurse and a patient of mine who was diagnosed with terminal cancer asked me what I wanted in life.  I felt compelled to share my dream with him. Almost silent for many years about buying that boat, we started this conversation, and he graciously validated my dream saying I needed to act on It. A dream inside a person for that long, he said is your soul talking. Unfortunately—that man soon passed, but his message humbly remained.                 

Shortly after this, the message soon came again but this time it occurred as I was flipping through channels and came across the Oprah Winfrey Show. I stopped when I heard the phrase...

 What are you doing about your dreams?

I instantly connected with that phrase and knew at that moment I needed to act on my dream and I listened as Oprah Winfrey encouraged folks to put their dreams into actions.                             

Soon after that, my life started to blossom, this  boat was the vessel that guided me to a passion I did not know even existed with saltwater fishing. This boat then became a palette for things I had never even imagined possible and created so many wonderful and memorable experiences on the water. Some of my most cherished memories are with my husband and 2 children.             




"Beth brings a passion to this sport of salt water fishing that has been referred to by many as contagious."

Beth Synowiec is an angler who’s passionate about saltwater fishing, has immense experience with a wide range of species, and eagerly shares that experience with novice anglers or equally experienced anglers.
— Capt. Will Bransom President of the NAC


2014 - 2018: Beth achieved Angler of the year, Release Angler of the year & Overall Weight Angler of the year for the NAC for five consecutive years in a row. Beth was a member of the NAC from 2010 - 2018. See below for additional achievements.

2008 - current : VBAC Top Female Angler of the Year eleven years in a row and a current VBAC club member.

2015 Beth received overall Release Angler of the year for the VBAC

Seven-time recipient of the Expert Angler Award & Achieved Master Angler Level II for the state of Virginia.

2012:   Overall Release Angler of the year for NAC

2011 - 2013: Release Angler of the Year for the VBAC

2010: Angler of the Year for Female & Top Angler categories for the NAC 2011



2018 Beth achieved her 7th Expert Angler award from the state of Virginia. This Award was received in March of 2019

2011 to current:  Golden Tilefish club record at the VBAC, 41 lb. 

2017:  Master Angler II for the state of Virginia

2012 to 2016:  The first woman in the state of Virginia to be appointed and to hold a seat as a Recreational Angler Representative on the Virginia Marine Resources Commission's Finfish Management Advisory Committee.

2015:  25 Virginia registered state citations in 8 different species within one year

2010:  Registered12 Virginia citations in eight different species

2006:  Portsmouth Anglers Club record for largest American eel caught—9 lbs. 3oz. & 54"


Media Experience:

2018 George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing Episode 4 of the 2018 series.
George comes to Virginia Beach VA to fish with Beth in pursuit of large Golden tilefish. George Poveromo catches his largest golden tilefish to date 33 pounds 4 ounces, a Virginia citation, while fishing with local pro Beth Synowiec who guides him through the Norfolk Canyon.

2011 - 2014:  Employed by Chesapeake Angler Magazine, Advertising Sales Representative

2013: Penn’s Big Water Adventures TV show with host Mark Davis.
12 Anglers chosen by Mark Davis and Captain Skip Feller to fish aboard Skip’s boat the Rudee Angler for an offshore sea bass, and tilefish show. Beth Synowiec one of the twelve anglers chosen managed to catch the first citation blueline of the day for the trip. Shortly after other anglers start catching citation bluelines and a few other fun species for great fun aboard the Rudee Angler. The show aired January 2014 on the Outdoors Channel.

2011:  Chesapeake Angler Magazine Cover, Beth and Kevin Synowiec make the cover of holding their golden tilefish.

2009 - 2011:  Two fishing articles were written about Beth Synowiec by Lee Tolliver in the Off the Hook column of the Virginia Pilot. Lee discusses in both articles her passion, preparation and skill for saltwater fishing

2010:  Jim Baugh Outdoors TV filmed Beth & Kevin Synowiec for a rockfish / tautog episode on their boat the ClassicRockfish.

2010:  Jim Baugh, Rudee Tours. Trip was a primarily a seabass trip, but Beth was specifically targeting a citation flounder to achieve her first expert angler award for the state meeting her goal, caught a 26 ½ inch citation flounder.


Seminar Experience:

JAN 2018  |  The Saltwater Sportsman National Seminar Series: Blueline, Golden Tilefish, Deep Dropping and Tautog Panels in Hampton VA

FEB 2017  |   The Saltwater Sportsman National Seminar Series: Tautog, Red drum, Tilefish/Wreck fishing, and Cobia panels in Arundel, MD

JAN 2016  |  The Saltwater Sportsman National Seminar Series: Sheepshead, Tautog and Red Drum panels in Hampton, VA

  • Fishing Club Seminars

  • Sheepshead and tautog presentations at fishing clubs such as Norfolk Anglers Club (NAC) , Virginia Beach Anglers Club(VBAC) , Bull Island, Central Virginia Sport Fishing Association (CVSFA) , Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fisherman's Association ( PSWSFA), Great Bridge Fishermans Association (GBFA) & Portsmouth Anglers Club(PAC)

Beth has also given fishing presentations at the Bass Pro Shop in Hampton , Boaters World of Virginia Beach , and the Mid Atlantic Sports & Boat Show- Oceans East Fishing Expo