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Hello. My name is Beth Synowiec. Some of you who frequent fishing forums also know me as Classic Rockfish. WELCOME!

I invite you to grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy the journey to see what I have been catching most recently. 


World of Saltwater Fishing


George Poveromo is airing on NBC Sports and other cable networks. 

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George Poveromo hooks his largest Golden Tilefish to date

George teams up with local pro Beth Synowiec of Virginia Beach Virginia in Episode number four of the 2018 series of George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing. In this episode, she guides George to a location along the Norfolk Canyon in pursuit of him catching a massive golden Tile fish. georgepoveromo.com

Beth is devoted to her sport, and the quality and impressiveness of her catches are a testament to her drive and knowledge.
— George Poveromo

Citation Red

Virginia Master Angler 2 Beth Synowiec Catching Citation Red Drum in October of 2017. Virginia Beach Virginia Fall Drum Action

Catching Big Red Drum

October 27, 2017

I had just rigged the line and baited the hook, as I dropped the line into the water sure enough I felt a resistance—WHAM Fish on!

The line started zipping, my adrenaline started pumping. What a blast to fight!



Beth Synowiec is a State of Virginia recognized Master Angler 2 & a Six-Time awarded Virginia Expert Angler. A recipient of numerous angling awards from Hampton Roads fishing clubs.

Top Female Angler of the Year for the VBAC for 10 consecutive years since 2008.

Weight, Release and Overall Angler of the Year - NAC for the last four consecutive years 2014 - current.

National Saltwater Seminar Series instructor with George Poveromo for the last three consecutive years 2016 - 2018.


Beth fishes every opportunity she can from coastal Virginia’s inshore waters to the offshore canyons. She fishes frequently with her husband Kevin aboard their boat Classic Rockfish. 

As seen in...

Chesapeake Bay Magazine, April 2018   |   Salt Water Sportsman, January 2018

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Feature 1

Two Magazines, one national and one local in which Beth is asked to give her advice concerning saltwater fishing for the 2018 season. 

Chesapeake Bay magazine, APRIL 2018

Feature 2

Regarded as a Chesapeake Bay Expert, Beth was asked to write a recap of the Virginia Fishing Season of 2017 and make predictions for the upcoming 2018 season in Virginia. 

Salt Water Sportsman magazine, JAN 2018

Feature 3

Saltwater Sportsman magazine interviewed Beth for the Jan 2018 edition following her trip with George Poveromo, World of Saltwater Fishing. The article featured Beth's Quick Change Deep Drop Rig. 

Nothing like a fish on!